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Privacy Policy

Your privacy holds utmost significance to us. It’s our unerring responsibility to safeguard your personal data when you’re exploring our website. This policy outlines our management and usage of your personal information, elaborates your rights concerning your data, and the avenues to get in touch with us.


Discreet Delivery


Privacy is paramount to us, which is why every order from our platform is judiciously packaged in an inconspicuous box. Be it the curious neighbor, the talkative mailman, or a playful pet, rest assured, the package contents will remain a secret. The joy of unboxing should be exclusive to you.



Data Security Assurance

1.      Data Gathering


We collect your data when you visit our website, including your name, email address, postal address, contact number, browsing history, and shopping preferences. If you choose not to share your data, you might be unable to access our services or interact with our platform as expected.


The data we collect includes:


Order details: order number, product particulars.


Contact information: contact number, email address, postal address.


Personal data: name, date of birth, gender, title, etc.


Social media details: handles, communication preferences, bank account information.


Location details: GPS location, IP address.


Website usage: pages visited, duration of visit.

2.      Data Usage


Your data helps us optimize our services and products to your preferences. We will never disclose any personal information to a third party without your approval.


The collected contact information allows us to facilitate the right delivery of your purchased products.


Your search history helps us understand your shopping preferences and recommending products accordingly.


We may also utilize your data to present relevant product information that might interest you. We only engage in such communication with your consent.


We might employ anonymized, aggregated data for internal reporting, or share with third party organisations for marketing and promotional tasks. The anonymized data won’t disclose user identity.

3.      Data Storage


We assure you that your personal data is stored securely and made unidentifiable as soon as it serves its purpose. We take precautions to prevent data breaches. Our goal is to maintain your trust by keeping your data confidential and not disclosing it to any third party.


Your Rights


We’re committed to safeguarding your rights regarding your personal data. You may need to provide certain information for identity verification and enabling a search for your personal data.


Your rights include, but are not limited to,


Correcting personal data: Let us know as soon as any of your details change. Your current contact information makes our work more efficient.


Objecting to data processing: If you object to us using your personal data for direct marketing, let us know. We will halt data processing during an investigation.


Personal data erasure: If allowed under data protection laws, we will delete your selected data from our systems at your request.


Restricting data processing: If there’s an aspect of our data processing that seems unlawful to you, notify us. We will investigate and attempt to resolve the issue.


Accessing personal data: You have the right to access your stored data and understand our data processing methods.


Please note each of these rights is subject to certain conditions and exemptions.


To learn more about these and to exercise your privacy rights, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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